Rent a Car in Ettumanoor

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Rent a Car in Ettumanoor

Are you looking for a car rental service in Ettumanoor?

 Kottayam Cars is the leading Car Rental Company in Ettumanoor. We provide Automatic Cars, Manual Cars and Wedding Car Rental services at best prices. Our cars are well maintained and driven by experienced drivers. You can book our cars online or contact us directly to get a quote for your trip.

 Renting a car from us will save you time and money as well as give you peace of mind that your ride will be safe, reliable, comfortable and clean every time! We have been serving customers since 2012 with over 500 happy customers across Kerala including students, corporate employees & families who want to make their travel memorable without any hassles of driving on Indian roads! We also offer special discounts on long term rentals (more than 3 days) so don’t miss out! Book now to experience the difference yourself!

Please call us on +919447077049 / +919847077049 [WhatsApp] / mail us at or you can fill in your requirement in the below form.

Our Services include:

Rent a Car in Ettumanoor without driver

Rent Automatic Car in Ettumanoor

Wedding Car Rental in Ettumanoor

Luxury Car Rental in Ettumanoor

Automatic Car Rental in Ettumanoor

Ettumanoor Car Rental

Ettumannur is a small town in Kerala, India that’s known for its temple and market. The location description says it connects Kottayam with Ernakulam- two important cities nearby but not too far away from each other! There are three highways coming into this area which makes travel easy across all types of terrain because they’re well-established roads–perfect if you want to get around quickly while exploring new places during your vacation time or business trip
Ettumannoor has so much natural beauty just waiting to be explored at every turn you take from home.

To talk about the Ettumanoormarket, most of the items are sold here directly from industries making the cost cheaper when compared to other parts of Kerala. this town has factories of woodworks, rubber industries, shutter products makers and so on. it’s an important meat transporter to different parts of Kerala.

In addition to that Mahatma Gandhi University, Ebenezer international residential school, SFS public school, and junior college are some of the educational firms in Ettumannur. Taking back to history, the name was believed to be formed from Hindu mythology which means place of deer as per the holy books. and even the Mahadeva temple was built thousands of years ago by Sages.


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