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Rent a Car in Kasaragod

Rent a Car in Kasaragod from Kottayam Cars, our  Automatic Cars / Manual Cars /Wedding Car Rental Service is available across all areas in Kasaragod.

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Kasaragod is a land where gods come to earth. This district in Kerala stands out for its distinctive culture and practice, which has been passed down through generations-from parents who taught children how they should behave at home or school; all the way up until fluent speakers like you can be found here! Another unique factor about Kasargod is these 7 different languages people speak–Malayalam (which includes MUAL), Kannada, Tulu/Urdu Konkani Beary & Marathi.

Being the starting point of Kerala, it is an easy destination from other states like Karnataka and Goa to travel here by car within 1 or 2 hours because of the well-maintained national highways which pass through here. Besides, tourist destinations like the Bekal fort and Chandragiri fort of the 17th century are still eye-capturing monuments here. Moving from there to Bekal beach gives a relaxing moment for the visitors. Ranipuram and Kottenchery hills are some of the coolest places here where the weather conditions chill us even in the summertime season.

Talking about its other name,”land of god” comes as there are nearly 10 big temples for different deities and two main mosques in these small districts. This also gives a vivid picture of their strong attachment to their culture. Moreover, the literacy rates of men to women is approximately 95%-97% respectively.

Kottayam Cars provide rent a car at all following areas in Kasaragod –  Perla, Bangramanjeshwar, Malom, Bekal, Chembirika, Cheruvathur, Eniyadi, Kalichanadukkam, Manikoth, Kasaragod, Poinachi, Konnakkad, Melparamb, Kudlu, , Manjeshwar, Nileshwaram, Padne, Thayyeni, Kanhangad, Ranipuram, Sonkal, Thaikadapuram, Udma, Mavungal, Uppala, Vallikkadavu, Kumbla Vellarikundu.

Our Service in Kasaragod includes:

Rent A Car in Kasaragod

Rent a car in Kasaragod without Driver

Rent Automatic Car in Kasaragod

Wedding Car Rental in Kasaragod

Luxury Car Rental in Kasaragod

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