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ent a car in Mallapally without driver from Kottayam Cars, we have a wide range of Automatic Cars / Manual Cars / Wedding Cars available for rent.

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Rent a car in Mallapally without driver

Automatic Car Rental in Mallapally

Wedding Car Rental in Mallapally

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Mallapally Car Rentals

Mallappally is one of the most beautiful taluks in Pathanamthitta district. It is believed that the name was given for the people here because the name defines as a place of Mallans where Mallan means strong man. This taluk is also known for its strong unity in religious activities. The land is fertile rich , that make rubber plantations to yield high results every year. It is noted that many of the Non-Resident Indians are from here. 

In the past, before 9th century Buddhism was popular in this area through the Mauryan kings. This, on the other hand, increased the practice of martial arts so most of the people were into wrestling and other sports. Later as time passed, Volleyball lovers are more in Mallappally. In the 19th century, the first church and the school were established by Anglican missionaries that helped many rural parts got the education and it is noted that this taluk in Kerala got as much as B.A English graduates than any other places in the state.

The religious census in Mallappally is more Christians (51%) and Hindus(45%)  than other religions like Muslims and Sikhs which constitutes less than 5%. People here are well educated which means all the members in the family are graduated since many generations. Many religious leaders like bishops and priests are born here. Interestingly, it is the least populated taluk in Pathanamthitta district. Most of them are farmers and business people in abroad. In the summer season, the river bed of Manimala river dries up that gives the people a beautiful land to conduct large conventions and religious festivals. Among that Mallappally convention and Siva Rathri festival are famous and millions of people attend the festivals from distant places.

There is no rails service within the 10 km of reach so roadways helps in transportation here. The roadways are maintained and serviced in the regular interval that makes the travel hassle-free and smooth.

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