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Rent a Car in Varkala

Rent a Car in Varkala without driver from Kottayam Cars. Our Automatic Cars / Manual Cars / Wedding Car rental service is available across all areas in Varkala.

Please call/WhatsApp us on +919447077049 / +919847077049 / mail at or fill in the below form if you have any car rental requirements in Varkala.

Our Services include:

Rent a Car in Varkala without driver

Rent Automatic Car in Varkala

Wedding Car Rental in Varkala

Luxury Car Rental in Varkala

Automatic Car Rental in Varkala

Varkala Car Rental

Kottayam Cars is a premium car rental service (Rent a Car) based in Kerala. Rent a Car in Varkala with Kottayam Cars, booking Rent a Car in Kerala without driver is very simple and fast. NRIs who plan on making trips to Kerala can pre-book automatic, manual transmission car of their choice, specify the duration they need it for and the location they need it to be delivered to. When the NRI lands in Kerala, the car will be delivered at the Airport or the location of their preference at the time specified.

Varkala Demography

Varkala is one of the most visited tourist’s spot in Kerala. The tropical climate of Varkala gives a pleasant visit to anyone who has been there at any time of the year which attracts them to visit again and again. It is located in the northern end of Trivandrum district. It is the busiest town with all the amenities arranged for visitors from any part of the world. The picturesque background of red cliffs with palm trees on the shores of Varkala beach adds serene beauty to this earth.

Talking about the tourists, Varkala’s tourism department provides government approved homestays and guest rooms among the residents which are cheap and more reliable than high budget hotels. Besides, restaurants here have multi cuisines so that everyone can enjoy their choice of taste. Water spouts and spas beside the beach are rare to watch here than other Kerala coasts. 

Papanasam beach is considered as a divine beach as people believe that taking a bath in this beach could wash away their sins. The “Absolute Ayurvedic center” adjacent to this beach is a famous one for its massages and reflexology therapy followed by a medicated bath. There are also many other Ayurveda centers but this one is great. 

Sree Narayana Guru’s burial dome is another important place to visit in Sivagiri Mutt, Varkala. The mausoleum is present in the top of the hill and it is the most visited monument in Kerala. We could travel here all the means of transport: Air, Rail, Road, and Water. The helipad cliff is available to receive helicopters 24/7 here.

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