Honda Amaze Automatic for rent in Kerala

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Honda Amaze Automatic for rent in Kerala

Honda Car for Rent in Kerala
Honda Amaze Car for Rent in Kerala

The main features of Honda Amaze Automatic are as following.

5-Speed Automatic Gearbox is easily the best-in-class
Sweet i-VTEC engine & healthy power-to-weight ratio
• High-quality interiors for the segment
• Light controls, smooth gearshifts and easy manoeuvrability make for stress-free commuting

Honda Amaze Automatic Gearbox
Honda Amaze Automatic Gearbox

The Amaze’s 1.2L i-VTEC engine is rated at 87 BHP (@ 6,000 rpm) and 109 Nm of torque (@ 4,500 rpm). The powerplant starts with the now familiar sounding note. Within the first few meters itself, I could feel the extra support from the torque converter. Low end response is stronger than in the Amaze MT, the engine now pulling with a certain amount of eagerness. With light accelerator inputs, upshifts are pretty early @ 2,000 rpm. Prod the accelerator some more and you’ll see the gearbox moving up at 3,000 rpm. Along with light controls, good visibility and a short turning radius, the Amaze AT is absolutely effortless to drive in dense city traffic. The gearshifts are acceptably smooth, though you still know when the gearbox is moving up or down. Crawling in traffic, even without any accelerator input, the Amaze AT moves with a lot more pace than is normal. In a gridlock, you’ll need to generously apply the brakes to keep crawling speeds in check.

The ratios are smartly chosen for this 1.2L engine. The initial 3 gears are quite short, while the 4th & 5th are tall. Out on the open road with a heavy right foot, the gearbox responds well. Shift times are good and the Amaze holds gears to the redline. The AT is quick to respond to any inputs from the accelerator pedal. Acceleration is satisfactory, though of course, the Amaze AT is nowhere as quick as its MT sibling. One area of disappointment is the NVH at high rpms; the engine & drivetrain sound more stressed and unrefined, compared to the Amaze MT.

It’s only when you start driving with medium accelerator inputs that you start discovering the gearbox’ shortcomings. With the accelerator pressed halfway, the otherwise well-sorted transmission ends up feeling puzzled. You’ll frequently find it revving the engine by holding onto a gear unnecessarily, or upshifting when the same isn’t required. I had to make the Amaze AT upshift at times by releasing the accelerator pedal and, conversely, pressing it a little harder to drop a gear.

 Honda Amaze Petrol Automatic Specifications
EngineType4 Cylinder, SOHC i-VTEC
No. of Valves16
Power (KW[Ps] @ rpm)65[88] @ 6000
Torque (NM @ rpm)109 @ 4500
Fuel Efficiency (kmpl)*Automatic -15.5 kmpl
TransmissionAutomatic5 Speed
 Overall Length (mm)3990
Dimensions & WeightOverall Width (mm)1680
Overall Height(mm)1505
Wheelbase (mm)2405
Ground Clearance (mm)165
Kerb Weight MT (kg)940(E,EX,V),950(S,VX,VX(O)),960(SX)
Kerb Weight AT (kg)990(S),995(VX)
Tyre Size175/65 R14
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)35
Seating Capacity5
Boot Space (Litres)400
TypeCollapsible Electric Power Steering
Steering SystemTurning Radius MT (m)4.5
Turning Radius AT (m)4.7
FrontMcPherson Strut  Coil Spring
Suspension SystemRearTorsion Beam Coil Spring
Brake SystemRearDrum

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