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Rent a Car in Koothattukulam from Kottayam Cars, a premium car rental service (Rent a Car) based in Kerala. Please Call us on +919447077049 / +919847077049 [WhatsApp] or mail us at if you have any car rental requirements.

Kottayam Cars provides Rent a Car in Koothattukulam without driver. Our Automatic Car / Manual Car / Wedding Car Rental(Chauffeur Driven) service is available in all areas of Koothattukulam.

Our services are listed below:

Rent a Car in Koothattukulam without driver

Self Driven Car Rental in Koothattukulam

Automatic Car Rental in Koothattukulam

Luxury Car Rental in Koothattukulam

Monthly Car rental in Koothattukulam

As the name suggests this lovely village in Muvattupuzha district has a story behind it. It is believed that there were four rich families who ruled this place in the past .one day, a girl from one of these families found an idol from their backyard. She tried to pull that up but she couldn’t do that so, she broke that with an axe. The result was shocking as she found blood poured out of that sculpture and she was panicked.later, she lost her mental balance and roamed from one place to other .as the days passed in remembrance of her this village known to as Koothattukulam. And the place where she found the idol is represented as a pool of blood (Chorakuzhy). As this village provides easy access to Ernakulam, Kottayam and so on roadways in this way considered as the fastest route in Google map.
Booking Rent a Car in Koothattukulam without driver is very simple and fast with Kottayam Cars. NRIs from Koothattukulam who plan on making trips to Kerala can pre-book automatic transmission car / manual transmission car of their choice, mention the duration they need it for and the location they need it to be delivered to. Once the customer lands in Kerala, the car will be delivered at the Airport or anyother location of their preference at the exact time specified.

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