Tata-Hexa Automatic Rental Kerala

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Tata-Hexa Automatic Rental Kerala

Tata-Hexa Automatic Rental in Kerala is provided only by Kottayam Cars

Please call us on +9194470770749 / +919847077049 [WhatsApp] / email : kottayamcars@gmail.com or enquire in below form to book this beautiful SUV for your vacation.

Tata Hexa Automatic

Tata Hexa is on Indian roads since January 2017. Its growth among population developed an updated version in 2019 with an increase in its price to 14.38 lakhs from 12.99 lakhs. So,what’s new with this newbie? Even though outer structure doesn’t have much changes,the inner body has a neat and smooth chrome finishings, an updated android version of the software which is displayed in new 7-inch touch screen and the job speakers remove the unwanted sounds in the music system which is happy news for the music lovers.

In this fantasy world who doesn’t like the difference in colours when the majority moves in whites. The  new Hexa comes in 5 different colour variations like tungsten silver , pearl white ,sky grey, urban bronze, Arizona blue. Moreover, double colours come with titanium grey and the above-mentioned colours.

Moving to the powers of Hexa, XM, XT and XT4/4 comes with the engine of 2.2 L DW12 varicor with a mileage of 14 km/l combined. Driving through off road is a thrill with this as the feature goes like: the ground clearance offered is 200 mm; the nineteen-inch wheels takes in 235/55 19- inch radial tyres; the power transmissions is 156 PS and 400Nm torque.

To top it all, the most convenient feature for the travellers is the seating with wide space. Amazingly, the third row with such a great leg space conveniently allows a 6 feet man to sit comfortably. Moreover, the boot space is not compromised at all because of the third row which is a problem in other SUVs. 

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